AIR RACE Announces Agreements to Host Air Race World Championship Events in England

March 2022

AIR RACE Announces Agreements to Host Air Race World Championship Events in England.

Air Race will host the inaugural race of 2022 at Goodwood in West Sussex, UK on July 9th-10th. Steeped in motor racing history, Goodwood is the ideal venue for the World Championship Series to take flight in a race calendar that will visit iconic cities and venues around the globe.

Chris Woodgate, CEO of The Goodwood Group, commented; “We’re delighted to announce that the Air Race World Championships are coming to Goodwood on July 9th-10th this year. Goodwood is an iconic location for exceptional experiences and prestigious motorsport events. Adding the Air Race World Championship helps cement our status globally.”

Nalin Jay, CEO of AIR RACE Limited commented, “I’m delighted to announce the we have signed these agreements for the inaugural 2022 race at the historic home of UK motorsport at Goodwood

Goodwood will provide a stunning backdrop for the Air Race and fans are expected to come from all over the world to watch what is still the fastest motorsport in the world. The whole world has gone through an incredibly difficult couple of years and we are now seeing the opportunity to commit once again to safe and large-scale public events. This announcement, following our announcement of Jakarta last month, will be followed by several more over the coming weeks as we put together our final race calendar for 2022 and 2023.”

AIR RACE World Championship is a race format originally developed by Red Bull as the Red Bull Air Race. It was founded in 2003 and has hosted 94 championship series races around the globe. It has attracted viewers in 187 countries and has been broadcast to an audience of over 230 million viewers with over 2.3 billion media impressions worldwide in its most recent season. It is the largest live spectator sports event in the world attracting over 1 million spectators to a single air race on multiple occasions in cities such as Porto and Barcelona.

AIR RACE World Championship will build on the significant legacy that the Red Bull Air Race leaves behind, and is well positioned to deliver one of the world’s most thrilling and pioneering global sporting events – focused on future tech, innovation, clean energy and spectator experience.