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  1. Entry to an Air Race World Championship event requires a valid ticket or accreditation issued by or on behalf of Air Race Ltd which must be retained at all times and be available for inspection by authorised staff at any time. Entry implies acceptance of the following conditions which have been established for the safety and enjoyment of all of our visitors and may be amended from time to time. You may also be required to comply with applicable protocols and/or terms and conditions relating to COVID-19 which may be communicated to you by Air Race Ltd, or any of our authorised partners.

  2. Any infringement of these conditions may result in denial of access to The Air Race, removal from the grounds and/or further legal action, at the discretion of Air race Ltd, or as advised by our authorised partners.

  3. The Code of Conduct applies to the entire venue, that being the “Air Race World Championship event site" (referred to herein below as the "Venue") including all access ways as well as external areas, open spaces, and parking areas (referred to herein below as the "Facility").


Arrival & Parking
  1. The Visitor is responsible for their journey to the event and parks their vehicle at their own risk. Parking is only permitted in approved car parks or parking areas. Vehicles parked in unmarked or prohibited areas are at risk of being towed.

  2. Disability car parking will be provided at the venue, but the majority of parking will be separate from the venue. Parking stewards will be present and visible in all parking areas and visitors must adhere to any directions given by the stewards. Parking fees may apply.

  3. Escape and rescue lanes must be kept clear of any vehicles at all times.

Safety & Security
  1. Visitors must present a valid ticket for the correct date to be granted admission to the event. Visitors must carry their tickets and/or accreditations with them at all times and present them for inspection by the Operator or the security staff if requested to do so.  Accreditation documents must be worn visibly at all times. The validity and usability of the ticket is governed by the General Terms and Conditions, which can be found on Air Race Ltd’s website: Any Visitor found in the Venue without a valid entrance ticket or accreditation document will be asked to leave the building and/or venue. Visitors will be able to leave and return to the Venue at Air Race’s discretion but must ensure that their E-ticket has been scanned on departure and scanned again on re-entry.

  2. The security team will search all bags before being granted entry to the Venue. The security team also retains the right to search Visitors to check for prohibited items, set out in this Code of Conduct. Anyone refusing to submit to a search will be refused entry or will be removed from the Venue.

  3. Entry to the Venue will not be permitted for anyone who has been banned or ejected by Air Race Ltd or our partners from any air race operated by Air Race Ltd. The security team is also entitled to demand that visitors identify themselves by showing photo identification.

  4. Adults, parents and guardians assume responsibility at all times for those individuals under the age of 18 who are attending the Event with them.


  1. Tickets can only be purchased from Air Race Ltd or its official ticket agent (see The general terms and conditions of the ticket agent apply exclusively to the handling of the ticket purchase. Any order in excess of ten (10) tickets and/or passes (or any number of orders resulting in the same Purchaser receiving in excess of ten (10) tickets and/or passes) shall be subject to the conditions laid out in the T&Cs – and may be subject to a request to execute a separate agreement with Air Race.

  2. Children of all ages must hold a valid entrance ticket.

  3. Tickets to the Air Race may not be bought, sold or distributed without lawful authority and in accordance with Air Race Ltd Terms and Conditions

  1. The following behaviour is deemed unacceptable and may result in ejection from the Venue:
    - The removal of clothing likely to cause offence,
    - Failing to comply with Event staff instructions,
    - Dangerous behaviour,
    - Abusive or racist language,
    - Anti-social or aggressive behaviour,
    - Stealing,
    - Carrying out acts of vandalism,
    - Trespassing in areas with restricted access,
    - Carrying prohibited objects as set out in this Code of Conduct.

  2. Visitors must comply with the instructions of Air Race Ltd or its authorised agents (including stewards and security staff) and/or any police officer. Any failure to comply with such instructions may lead to ejection from, or refusal of entry to any Air Race or Venue.

  3. Any person who is reasonably suspected by Air Race Ltd and its authorised agents of having committed, or being likely to commit, a criminal offence within the Venue or Facility may be removed from the Venue or Facility at any time.

  4. Visitors may be refused access to the Venue for any security reason which prevents such access or, if the Organiser or other authority has mandated such as to preclude or restrict access to the Venue.

  5. Any incidents marked as illegal according to local law, will result in a report being filed with the local police.


Prohibited Objects
  1. All Visitors entering the Venue and the Facility are prohibited from carrying any of the following objects:
    - Bags over 20 litre capacity
    - Glass bottles and glass containers
    - BBQs
    - Restricted and illegal substances
    - Offensive weapons
    - Items that are deemed dangerous, offensive or unsuitable
    - Drones or remote-controlled aircraft
    - Step ladders or any similar item which may obstruct another attendees’ view
    - Lasers
    - Fireworks / pyrotechnics
    - Any items which might be subject to ambush marketing
    - Bulky objects such as ladders, stools, picnic tables, tents;
    - Smoke Canisters
    - Tents and shelters
    - Four-wheeled carry carts (doesn’t include those used to carry children but must be empty at the gate)
    - Powered scooters (excluding disability scooters) / hover boards
    - Electric cycles
    - Sun parasols
    - Excessive Alcohol

  2. Local authorities may impose additional restrictions dependent on local laws and customs.


Restricted Areas
  1. Visitors must stay within the area designated on their ticket at all times. If the event has seat allocations, Visitors are expected to keep their seat allocations for the entire event.

  2. Emergency exits must remain clear of obstruction at all times.

  3. Safety and technical facilities such as fire alarms, fire hydrants, electrical distribution panels, fire control panels, telephone distribution systems, and heating and ventilation systems must be accessible at all times.

  4. Stairways and egress routes must remain unobstructed.


Photography, Filming, Mobile Telephone, Tablets, Communication Devices and Radios
  1. It is prohibited to make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage or audio-visual footage (“Recording”), or store, record or transmit any information or other data, including official timing, results, performance, telemetry, weather or race control data (“Data”) of, at or in relation to the Event. Any equipment which enables the aforementioned acts is prohibited.

  2. Personal electronic devices are permitted within the Venue, provided that any recording, data and image is used solely for personal and private non-commercial purposes.

  3. The Visitor irrevocably consents to the unpaid use of their image and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, transmissions and/or for image and/or sound recordings created by the organizer, their representatives or other third parties in connection with the event, and to their subsequent use in all present and future media (particularly such as in the form of sound and image storage media, and to their digital distribution e.g. on the internet) worldwide and forever.



The Operator shall have the sole right to sell, or to distribute at no cost, in the Venue and in the Facility any merchandise, food and beverages as well as goods of any kind, and to transfer this right to third parties. Visitors are prohibited from selling or distributing goods or services within the Venue or Facility.

Any lost/found items must be handed in to the Security Team who will retain the item/s until collected by the rightful owner.

Any injuries to persons or damage to property should be reported to Event Staff immediately.